Recently, the welded pipe sawing manufacturer CONTOR has ushered in another group of VIP from Bulgaria. The visiting users visit us to check whether the cold-cut flying saws they purchased two months ago meet the contract standards.Since the introduction of cold-cut flying saws, many welded pipe mills at home and abroad have replaced the old flying saws with the latest cold-cut flying saws. Although the purchase price is twice as expensive as the flying saw, But later use brings benefits.

Smooth, burr-free nozzles save a lot of raw material costs. No need for secondary processing and saving money on one piece of equipment. Some users think that cold-cut saw blades are expensive as consumables, and it seems not cost-effective. Taking into account the user’s concerns, Contor combined with a large number of on-site user data with the latest CT-III controller, has calculated the costs of using a single saw blade, and therefore gives answers to why many users repeatedly purchase. If you are interested in cold cut flying saws, please call now: +8689301709 or Email:[email protected]