With the increasing of pipe diameter, suitable for small diameter steel pipe sawing circular saws, flying saws has been difficult to meet large diameter pipe production requirements. Under this situation, Shenyang Contor developed CNC milling type cold saw for large diameter pipe cutting inline. The device is the application of advanced mechanical design technology, servo control technology, hydraulic technology and DSP control technology, which not only has a sawing motion tool rotating at high speed, but also can set the track go according to different cross-sectional while cutting different pipes. Suitable for thick-walled square, round, rectangular pipe cutting and also other steel works. With a stable, low failure rate, low noise, simple handling characteristics; Automated cutoff by setting length on Control console and without burr, this machine used for tube mill, more details CONTACT: contor@scontor.net


1. Double TCT blades rotating & cold cutting; little sparks and lower noise;

2. Automatic control (manual);

3. LCD screen interface;

4. High-speed high-precision cutting;

5. No burr, eliminating secondary processing, reduce procurement costs;

6. The failure rate is very low, easy maintenance, long life of TCT blade;